Cassmer Ward has 20 years experience as a Financial Executive and Business Leader. With expertise in accounting, operational analysis, strategic development/implementation, and entrepreneurship, Cassmer works with clients to identify and address the critical success factors affecting companies varying in size across many industries.

With his years of practice, Cassmer has taken these experiences and translated them into innovative educational programs. As an adjunct instructor for the McColl School of Business at Queens University, Cassmer has transformed the curriculum from his classes to deliver them in a unique fashion. Whether it is turning his Entrepreneurship class into a “Netflix” like online course or authoring “How Much Does It Cost To Make a Donut?” from his Managerial Accounting Class, Cassmer has a passion for educating anyone and everyone interested in learning business school concepts.

Grounded in a background of Accounting, Management Leadership, and Management Information Systems, Cassmer has balanced technical business acumen with creativity to provide an innovative road map for clients and students to identify and meet their objectives. Cass enjoys helping companies identify their financial and market position while setting them on a path to success.