New Accounting Book For Entrepreneurs

You don’t have to be an accountant to understand accounting.

In fact, you don’t even need to like accounting. However, most aspiring business leaders, managers, and owners must have a basic foundation in accounting principles to make decisions. Instead of teaching accounting concepts with numbers, math, or debits and credits, “How Much Does It Cost To Make a Donut?” delivers accounting knowledge and bookkeeping basics for entrepreneurs in a series of relatable stories.

Using a start-up donut shop as a case study, this accounting book for small business owners incorporates general concepts and reinforces them with a myriad of real-world examples. These exercises deal with the issues, personalities, and questions decision-makers encounter every day, and connect them to the accounting concepts that make a difference.

Follow a donut shop owner and her partner as they use basic accounting foundations to build a donut company. From concept through five years of operation, find out how this aspiring business owner learned how to make decisions using accounting without actually doing any, in one of the best accounting books for entrepreneurs.

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Illustration - How Much To Make A Donut


“This book presents accounting concepts in an entertaining and engaging storytelling format. It provides pragmatic, real world applications that will make it easy for any accountant or non-accountant to communicate accounting concepts that are important for business owners to understand.”

J. Michael McGuire, CPA – CEO Emeritus, Grant Thornton, LLP

“Cass takes the complex subject of accounting and turns it on its head. A masterful story of how to be an effective scorekeeper is woven into a wonderful series of entrepreneurial sagas that can be translated into any business setting.”

Chuck Bamford, Ph.D – Adjunct Professor Duke University & University of Notre Dame/Author of The Strategy Mindset 2.0

“Spending my career in the middle of accounting technology, accountants ,and everyone else, there needed to be a book to help everyone talk the same language and get stuff done… this book does that!”

Chris Elmore – AvidXchange Evangelist and Co-Founder

“Let’s face it, accounting is intimidating and not the skill that many entrepreneurs have mastered, yet it is a vital tool for starting, running, and growing a successful business. How Much Does it Cost to Make a Donut does a masterful job of making a complex subject seem easy. This is a must read for every business owner, manager, or aspiring entrepreneur.”

Louis J. Foreman, Founder & CEO of Enventys Partners

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How much does it cost to make a donut?