As a Chief Financial Officer for 20 years, Cassmer Ward provides leadership and strategic facilitation to well-established firms and start-up ventures aspiring to grow, improve operational efficiency, and/or build infrastructure.

Cassmer’s refined background as a Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer, in companies varying in size and industry, has provided companies objective insight to what key drivers affect the organization.

  • Evaluating what metrics define and measure a company’s success.
  • Developed strategic maps through a resourced based analysis providing a clear understanding of the company’s goals and objectives that can translate from c-suite managers all the way to the support staff.
  • Transformed companies operating with a loss, to profitable companies with steady growth rates by evaluating the market, customer, and competitive advantage(s) being offered.
  • Worked with owners and top level managers to build teams that will position the firm in the market and direct operations to meet their expectations.

With experience and a background in Accounting, Management Leadership, and Management Information Systems, Cassmer has balanced technical and innovative business acumen to provide a road map for clients to meet their objectives. After working with numerous companies over the years, he continues to help companies identify their financial and market position while setting them on a path to success.